Visible Spectrometer

The VS series spectrometer is a very high-speed visible spectrometer marketed by Spectraline Inc. The spectrometer is used for analysis of a wide range of phenomenon that involves radiation in the visible wavelengths (300-1000 nm).


  • Material identification
  • Turbine blade monitoring

Product Description

  • Spectrometer and power supply module
  • Desktop or laptop PC or with data acquisition board and Visispec software pre-installed, and all data and electrical cables.
  • A wide range of specialized accessories available.


  • No moving optics
  • High speed: 20 kHz.
  • Measures spectra from 300 to 1000 nanometers at 1.3 nm resolution

Operating Principle

Radiation enters the inlet port of the spectrometer through a window mounted on the front. The radiation goes through some optics including a set of prisms that separate the spectrum into its component wavelengths. The dispersed beam falls on a parabolic mirror that reflects it on to a detector array. The detector has a scan rate of 20 kHz. The signal from the detector is transmitted to a data acquisition board and is stored for display and analysis. The spectrometer comes with a DAQ system with VisiSpec software installed. The VisiSpec software calculates the relative intensities corresponding to the voltage of each pixel; and, plots it against the corresponding wavelength falling on each pixel. When referenced with calibrations obtained using a black body radiation source, the software provides the absolute values of radiation intensities recorded by the detector array.

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